Apple’s Cores: Steve Jobs & the Power of Pixar

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This book was published in December 2010. It is approximately 16 printed pages.

At Pixar, nobody toys with the story.

This essay explains the guiding principles behind Pixar’s unparalleled success, which are applicable to any business. (The fundamentals of business don’t change–they work for Apple, for Pixar, and will work for your business.) In other words, this is principally an e-book for business people who have a vested interest in studying business excellence, and want to glean insights applicable to their own careers.
Pixar, which celebrated its silver anniversary in 2010, has consistently achieved an impressive and, in Hollywood, an enviable track record: its 11 films have earned at the box office over six billion dollars in worldwide gross; moreover, each of its films has been a critical and financial success.
This 7000 word essay examines how Pixar became a picture perfect company by innovating and constantly seeking self-improvement. At Pixar, nobody toys with the story.
From its website: “Pixar Animation Studios is an Academy Award-winning computer animation studio with the technical, creative and production capabilities to create a new generation of animated feature films, merchandise and other related products. Pixar’s objective is to combine proprietary technology and world-class creative talent to develop computer-animated feature films with memorable characters and heartwarming stories that appeal to audiences of all ages.”
The “Apple’s Core” series tightly focuses on one aspect of Apple and explores it thoroughly, with the goal of providing food for thought for anyone wishing to glean insights on its successful strategies, and how to implement them in their own businesses.

Tory Maru is a lifelong Mac fan.

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