Quicken 98 for Macintosh (Visual QuickStart Guide)

Why not take control of your money instead of letting it control you? For millions of registered users, Quicken is the way to do it. It's the most widely used financial-management software program available.Quicken 98 for Macintosh: Visual...

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SAP: An Executive's Comprehensive Guide

Crucial Help for Getting the Most from Today's Information Systems Technology Deciding what type of information systems your company will need to stay competitive into the twenty-first century is a highly complex and risky exercise. SAP: An...

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Complexity and Organization: Readings and Conversations

In the past decade, complexity-based thinking has exerted an increasing, yet somewhat controversial authority over management theory and practice. This has in some part been due to the influence of a number of high-profile articles and the not...

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SAP R/3 Financial Accounting: Making it work for your business (SAP Press Business Roadmap)

The aim of this book is to explain the business background of the various customizing options for R/3's Financial Accounting module and to demonstrate, via illustrated examples, how this relates to the module's practical functions. With the...

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Accounting, the Social and the Political: Classics, Contemporary and Beyond

This book contains 35 carefully selected and abridged versions of scholarly financial and managerial research articles by world-class researchers ranging across a wide spectrum of the social, political and philosophical sides of financial and...

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Management Accounting and Control Systems: An Organizational and Sociological Approach

Management accounting and control deals with administrative devices which organizations use to control their managers and employees. Management accounting systems are a very important part used to motivate, monitor, measure, and sanction, the...

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Accounting, Accountants and Accountability (Routledge Studies in Accounting)

In the business world, recent years have seen a growing acknowledgement of the value of intangible assets rather than physical assets. This has precipitated a crisis in the accounting industry: the accounting representations relied upon for years...

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