SAP: An Executive’s Comprehensive Guide

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Crucial Help for Getting the Most from Today’s Information Systems Technology Deciding what type of information systems your company will need to stay competitive into the twenty-first century is a highly complex and risky exercise. SAP: An Executive’s Comprehensive Guide provides the information you need to assess your options realistically and make the most informed decisions possible. Written by a team of business, financial, and information systems professionals who have extensive experience with SAP system implementations at Fortune 500 companies, this book:
* Explores the strategic role of client/server enterprise computing now and in the next century
* Helps you to evaluate your company’s long-term IS requirements
* Offers an impartial look at SAP R/3 strengths and weaknesses
* Outlines the costs and benefits involved in implementing SAP R/3
* Helps you decide whether SAP R/3 is right for your organization
* Shows you how to make SAP R/3 an integral part of process redesign
* Covers all key technical SAP aspects of concern to IS professionals

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