Using SAP R/3 F1: Beyond Business Process Reengineering

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This book is for the professional financial manager, accountant, or bookkeeper who needs to learn the basics of SAP R/3 FI quickly, without wading through a morass of technical jargon. Featuring a clear, functional outline, copious sample screens, and simple step-by-step instructions, Using SAP R/3 FI presents the most widely used FI functions in plain, argot-free English, following menu lines from the actual program.

The book also provides details about using FI for international business, such as translating the chart of accounts, keeping accounts in foreign currency, entering transactions in foreign currency, and revaluing accounts and open items in different currencies. You’ll also learn the highlights of integrating R/3 FI with SD (order entry, shipping, and invoicing) and MM (purchasing, receiving, and inventory control). This remarkably detailed manual shows you how to use R/3 FI for all your basic accounting functions, including
* General ledger
* Accounts receivable
* Accounts payable
* System administration
* And much, much more.

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